When it comes to security, no organization can afford to have any loose ends and it has been a major concern ever since cloud adoption came into existence. To relieve organizations of such concerns, AWS provides a range of powerful security tools including network security with security groups, granular access control with Identity Access Management (IAM), data security with encryption, anomaly detection, and so on. From end protection and firewalls to compliance and vulnerability scanners, AWS offers high priority security alerts. Despite all these great technologies and tools, it still gets difficult for the team to keep track of hundreds of security alerts generated in a single day switching back and forth between these technologies. That’s where Security Hub comes into the picture. Security Hub is a single place which helps an organization in aggregating, organizing and prioritizing the security alert for a number of AWS services. These include AWS Identity and Access Management, Amazon Inspector, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Macie, AWS Firewall Manager, and other AWS Partner Solutions.


AWS Security Hub is responsible for continuous monitoring of your IT environment to assess cloud infrastructure configurations for security findings by utilization of Config rules based on the industry standards your organization follows. One can also take action on the security findings with the help of Amazon Detective or Amazon CloudWatch Event. The discovered findings are published to CloudWatch which builds response mechanisms like creating rules and building lambda functions in order to respond to the indicated malicious user behavior in near real-time.


  • AWS Security Hub saves a lot of time with its aggregated findings. It collects and prioritizes the security findings across accounts whether its AWS services or partner tools. It reduces the time-consuming data conversion efforts significantly by adding the data into a standard finding format making it so much more convenient to convert. Then the findings are correlated across all the providers so that the most important findings can be prioritized according to the requirement.
  • Automated assessment and checks ran by Security Hub improve the security health of your infrastructure. It supports the security standards of CIS AWS Foundational Benchmarks and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which provide security score and account specification for resources which require attention.
  • Unlike a lot of services available in the market, Security Hub is quick in taking action on the findings. Once all the security findings across different accounts are integrated, it gets easier to spot trends and potential threats which make it quite convenient to take the further needed steps. Security Hub’s integration with CloudWatch Events takes response and remediation actions are it sending the findings through tickets, chat, SIEM, SOAR, or incident management.