Banking is one of the major industries which have experienced a revolution with technological support. Secured management systems and meeting the special demands of a huge customer base have been made quite convenient for this sector. The automated software system has not only enhanced the overall performance but also proved to be time and cost-effective. Banking software provides a pool of benefits to the banking system from increased conversion rates and growth in life-time value to accelerating predicting customer behavior for higher customer satisfaction and highly scalable applications. Challenges like disintegrated communication with customers and weak cross-selling hamper the productivity of banks. At TopTech, we offer a platform with services like integration, implementation, testing, deployment, and support for a huge network of banks.


With gadgets like mobiles and laptops being carried by almost everyone these days, banking service available on mobile and other devices has become a must. TopTech helps you in meeting this demand by implementing a solution either from scratch or updating obsolete software, providing all the services that can be availed from mobile or internet applications. These services include adding any number of bank accounts, making instant or scheduled payments, setting up card limits, being able to make transactions between bank accounts, requesting bank statements on the go, and pulling up details of any account in a much-secured environment.


TopTech helps you build a secure and user-friendly co-working environment and dashboard for your customers with all the required banking solutions. Whether it is the B2C portal for ongoing communications or the B2B portal with role centric personalization and other details, we create these banking solutions from ground zero. With the help of technologies like Salesforce, our team offers you effective solutions through CRM consulting resulting in systematic lead nurturing, customer data management, customer support, and channel activity tracking, and so on.


With analytics, TopTech provides you an insight into customer trends and liquidity forecasts along with mitigating risks by converting raw data into an actionable and reliable form. We offer you a list of analytics ranging from customer analytics and channel analytics to marketing analytics and performance analytics. While customer analytics provide customer segmentation, cross-sell effectiveness analysis, channel analytics are responsible for analyzing bank transactions, customer traffic, and customer behavior. Marketing analytics predict the factors increasing sales and success of marketing campaigns, performance analytics allow you to keep a check on sales performance, brand, and digital performance along with profitability.