In times like these, one sector which just can’t do anything without technology is Healthcare. It is a crucial sector that needs IT consulting from a team equipped with skills like strategy development, clinical performance enhancement, cost optimization, market, and organizational development to transform healthcare through digital innovation.  With almost a decade of experience in healthcare IT, TopTech healthcare team assists medical teams with computing platform providing connected complete wellness solution for improved healthcare outcomes and balanced costs.

TopTech offers a variety of services to healthcare. Some of these are mentioned below:


System modernization has become the need of the hour because not only it helps in controlling costs but also maximizes the ROI for the company. Legacy applications can be transitioned smoothly to focus on providing high-quality wellness services to the patients. We offer road mapping to re-architect the IT system along with the migration process. With IT system assessment and web, mobile, and cloud plus SaaS enablement, patient care and experience can be elevated leaving them with the best experience and services.


TopTech engineers software products catering to the needs of healthcare offering critical insights and an assertive way to micromanage everything. From product ideation and development to providing maintenance and support, we offer IoT- backed real-time health monitoring solutions.


To gain value from their digitization efforts, technology consulting plays a vital role in healthcare. These institutions can gain leverage from transformative technologies to deliver value to their patients and stakeholders while optimizing the costs. We offer strategic solutions to any issues raised through tech assessment to layout a reliable roadmap for the healthcare institutions so that they can provide improved patient care.


Constant maintenance and support is a prerequisite for healthcare institutions because any kind of medical emergency can come up at any time. In order to ensure there are zero application downtimes and critical errors being faced by patients, the software system needs optimization for performing maintenance. To make sure that the application support is up and working 24/7, we do application testing, upgrades, and level-based incident management.