A lot of business practices have experienced disruption with the dynamic technology and that gives a solid reason for the manufacturing units to bring transformation in their otherwise traditional operating models. With robust technologies like analytics, mobility, IoT, and cloud, manufacturing companies can optimize their current working models and overcome any kind of challenges with the technological armor. Whether its flow management of goods i.e. inbound from suppliers and outbound to distribution centers or management of resources, suppliers, shipments, etc everything is made super convenient with technologies like cloud and IoT. TopTech ensures customized solutions to empower new business models for service, partner management, sales and monetization, and so on. We offer various services to accelerate productivity.


Though technological innovation and advancement look complicated on the outside, we use infrastructure solutions to streamline higher customer satisfaction with flexibility and high-complexity delivery. After understanding the business requirements, our team offers you with custom-designed services to give you an edge over your competitors with skills like handling demand unpredictability, input costs, and high impact solutions.


Ever since digital analytics have come into existence, they have been doing nothing but wonders for every company using the service. This service equips you with re-imagined business processes resulting in better user experiences based on changing trends of the industry. Be it automation of manual tasks or micromanagement of manufacturing units, we curate specialized digital platforms to meet your business demands with the power of IoT.


One of the most important job for the manufacturing sector is to keep a close account of the performance factor of their diverse units and with so many on-going tasks all at once, it gets quite difficult to finish the job. With services like SaaS, mobile and advanced visualization, IT services, remote infrastructure management, TopTech helps the manufacturing industries in transforming their journey.


When it comes to introducing technological innovations for various tasks, finance and accounting tend to get ignored. We offer accounting platforms integrated with the core system for managing wages, supplier payments, resource pricing, overdrafts, etc. Proficient BA, developers, and testers along with F&A specialists are deployed to handle any loopholes found in the system.