One sector going through a continuous transformation in telecom. Changing customer behavior along with new mobile technology are the key factors driving this industry. Everybody wants effective communication experience to stay connected to each other globally. TopTech curates software solutions and offers various services to the telecom industry in order to help them keep pace with ever-evolving landscape and rapidly changing regulatory norms. This sector has experienced exponential growth in the past few decades. Jumping from 2G to 3G to 4G, now everybody has set their eyes at 5G. The demand for telecom system has increased consistently and is expected to grow more in the coming times.

To keep up with this pace, TopTech offers end-to-end solutions for accelerated productivity, decreased operational costs, and boosted innovation. We provide consulting services to various communication service providers, equipment manufacturers, and independent vendors to enhance their customer servicing and experience. While Voice Solution enhances user experience by connecting them over multiple voice channels, OSS/BSS Solution offers automated tracking of time-consuming activities with the help of single-source software. Conferencing Solution is responsible for tracking every minute detail of team meeting and IP Telephony Server makes the voice interactions easy and secure.

TopTech provides a service suite with services like application services, infrastructure services, business process services, finance and accounting, and so on. We strategize and develop basic platform aspects as per business requirements meeting the customer expectations. The cloud technology makes data accessibility and security convenient for the end-user. The CRM Systems help us in tracking order history, channel activity, creating tailored offers and promotions, predicting customer behaviors. We also help these enterprises extend their offerings with VoIP and IPTV apps. We excel in providing the best-in-class services along with scalable solutions for the telecom industry and help you in improving margins and adding services as per market trends and customer feedback.