The doors for commerce and trade have now opened up with globalization in the transportation and logistics sector. The advanced and latest digital technologies have served as a major asset to the transportation industry. It has not only brought down the costs but with faster transactions happening around the globe, this industry has been thriving like never before. The transportation management system technology is prevalent in this industry for the automation of logistics. This system helps the companies in providing options for transportation mode and freight rates in real-time along with improved customer service while controlling the overall process and making the process faster and more scalable. When it comes to this industry, TopTech has quite a few things to offer:


Mobile-enabled solutions like application development, testing & QA, maintenance & support along with technology consulting helps you in getting closer to your customers. The web or mobile application offers one single platform to the customer for bookings, payments, and tracking. The scientific analysis gives an insight into user behavior and assists our team in developing the right platform for your requirements. Analytics provide valuable predictions like dispatch, routing, delivery delays, vehicle breakdown, etc.


Toptech helps the transport and logistics sector in minimizing operational expenses, improvising supply chain integration, and exceptional customer experience. Whether it is modernizing asset tracking through Asset Tracking System or refining logistics to stay connected with every stakeholder through the Digital Logistics Platform, TopTech delivers competitive solutions. It also offers Warehouse Management System for transforming warehouse management digitally. For established companies, we provide migration of their legacy systems to cloud platforms for providing a centralized solution to boost their productivity.