Top Tech Solutions is a seasoned AWS backed strategic partner that helps leading IT companies across multiple business verticals benefit from hybrid cloud environments. With immense experience in DevOps, ITSM, DevOps, Hybrid cloud, etc., we can help you streamline your IT infrastructure management and make your business processes frictionless with designated solutions that are easy to deploy and work on.

  • All AWS-related services
  • Consulting with a competent in-house technical team with more than a decade of industry expertise
  • Optimizing & Configuring AWS Services
  • Providing infrastructure for support and troubleshooting
  • Proper integration of AWS Services
  • Reduction in costs through resource optimization and AWS management

Enterprise IT Applications

AWS offers a large pool of applications for enterprise productivity. These applications run as-a-service in the AWS cloud and work exceptionally to satisfy, usability, reliability & performance needs of the most demanding global IT organizations. With these powerful features, it also balances the security & compliance requirements aspect in a robust environment to protect your on-prem and cloud assets. These applications work great for IT activities like corporate emailing and calendaring, virtual desktops, document collaboration, etc.

Top Tech Consulting integrates all these services with the AWS Directory to permit easy access of the applications to the users. Popular AWS Enterprise IT applications are:

  • Amazon Workspaces
  • Amazon WorkMail
  • Amazon WorkDocs
  • All AWS-related services
  • Consulting with a competent in-house technical team with more than a decade of industry expertise
  • Optimizing & Configuring AWS Services
  • Providing infrastructure for support and troubleshooting
  • Proper integration of AWS Services
  • Reduction in costs through resource optimization and AWS management

How we can help you

Top Tech Consulting helps integrate AWS enterprise applications in your on-premise infrastructure or helps you outsource everything in a IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS model. With the help of a competent team, Top Tech Consulting makes the best use of this service to benefit organizations. Our approach is to transform businesses with the help of AWS services and resources.

Benefits of AWS Enterprise IT Applications:

  • Flexibility
  • Security & Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness

1. Migration & App Integration services

AWS Migration is one of the most fulfilling solutions that allows efficient migration of your legacy data and system resources to the AWS cloud that helps the businesses grow dynamically and efficiently migrating on-premises data, hosting facility or any other public cloud is a part of this process. AWS integrates distributed systems along with serverless applications with minimal code requirement. This includes a suite of services that facilitate easy communication between decoupled components within distributed systems, microservices & serverless apps.


  • Substantial cost savings
  • Improved productivity
  • Agility in business
  • Operational resilience

How we can help you

Top Tech Consulting has AWS experts dedicated to migration and integration tasks for your business. We help you move data and applications to AWS cloud in days rather than weeks while keeping security and compliance intact and in-line with industry standards. We also assist in performing ServiceNow integration service for enterprises that need to leverage the stability of AWS and the dynamism of ServiceNow.

2. Hybrid Cloud Services

This is a powerful service of AWS, which offers consistency across AWS as well as on-premises. Hybrid Cloud system helps organizations and enterprises integrate their on-premises and cloud operations to support a wide spectrum of use cases through a common set of cloud tools, services, and Application Programming Interfaces across on-premises and cloud environments. 


  • A wide range of services to enterprises establish hybrid cloud architectures for particular requirements & use cases.
  • VMware solution available for customers to manage & execute on-premises infrastructure on AWS cloud
  • AWS Outposts are completely managed and supported by AWS 
  • Provide easy deployment to any on-premise infrastructure
  • Secure and compliant hybrid cloud architectures

How we can help you

Top Tech Consulting helps enterprises in setting up existing data and applications to the AWS cloud. Our intense cloud-aided expertise establishes a dedicated path to achieve potential business goals.

3. DevOps & and AIOps

AWS DevOps service is an amalgamation of collaborative philosophies, tools, and practices that boosts an enterprise’s ability to deliver services and applications at a rapid rate. This acceleration allows companies to serve their customers in a better manner and become efficient in the market. DevOps follows the build, test, release, plan, and monitor cycle to produce solutions for enterprises. DevOps prevalent use cases are software test automation, configuration management, monitoring for containers and serverless, Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOPs), test management and automation, continuous integration/delivery.


  • Accelerates companies’ growth
  • Increases efficiency 

4. Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOPs)

To reduce human intervention in the process of IT operations, AIOPS is the process of using Machine Learning (ML) techniques to solve operational problems. ML helps in reducing operational incidents and increases service quality. 


  • Increases service quality
  • Forecast incidents before they happen 
  • Classify new incidents and insights

How we can help you

Top Tech Consulting helps enterprises get benefitted through the powerful AWS DevOps and AIOPs services. This intelligent solution helps enterprises elevate the growth graph and brings positive outcomes. We offer complete service with the support of our potential team to carry out this journey for businesses.  

5. Consulting

AWS Consulting Solution is to help customers in smooth deployment, management, and integrating on-premises or new architecture to AWS. They have a ready description available for the customers who talk about what is to be delivered through consulting, what are the user requirements and a diagrammatic description of the underlying technology for delivering the solution. 


  • Rich consulting platform
  • Availability of enormous resources to build your business
  • Specialized programs to market & sell your business services
  • Marketing resources and techniques to market your business

How we can help you

AWS comes with powerful consulting services that help companies establish a strong foundation to run businesses. Top Tech Consulting helps in deploying recommendations derived from AWS consulting services for benefitting the business. Our competent team brings together AWS solutions and innovation to strengthen business models. 

6. Product services (mobile, web)

AWS provides product services across several verticals, namely, Compute, Storage, Database, Migration, Networking & Content Delivery, Mobile services, Developer Tools, Management Tools, Security, Identify & Compliance, Analytics, Application services, Application services, Messaging, Internet of Things, Support, Machine Learning, Game development, Media Service, etc. AWS is trusted by the biggest of the enterprises in the world and even the start-ups. Its services help in empowering huge workloads through these verticals.

AWS is the fastest and easiest way to create, test, and deploy web and mobile applications. AWS comes up with a wide set of tools and services to support workflows of development for native iOS/Android, React Native, and front-end web developers.

Web Services
Amazon Web Services provides a wide set of global cloud-based products. Products under web services include Analytics, Application integration, AR & VR, AWS cost management, and Blockchain.

Mobile Services
Amazon Mobile services are used in developing mobile & web applications, deploying and hosting web apps, integrating data using GraphQL, Creating and maintaining REST APIs, testing on devices, and engaging uses. 


These services help organizations to

  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive structure
  • Accelerate the growth of the business
  • Reduce costs
  • Scales business through the fast and reliable AWS Infrastructure

How we can help you

Top Tech Consulting assists across the entire range of AWS products. Our skilled and diversified provides a fulfilling delivery of the service to its clients. We help enterprises in the rapid scaling of applications from prototype model to deployment to millions of users, for driving their business forward.

7. Security

AWS comes with consolidated infrastructure and services to uplift the security posture in the cloud. The flexibility & security feature enhances control over the business and increases confidence to run it meticulously. AWS security has many protective layers that shield the infrastructure from any malicious activities. This service improves the ability to meet the core requirements of security and compliance. With AWS fostering automation of all manual security tasks, it allows businesses to focus more on scaling and improvising perspective. For top-secret workloads, AWS is the only commercial cloud which has its service offerings and associated supply chain evaluated and acknowledged as secure.


  • Achieve scaling business with security, high visibility, and control
  • Automated security tasks
  • Reduced risk of baleful activities through deeply integrated services
  • Supreme standards for building data security and privacy
  • The biggest ecosystem of security partners & powerful solutions 
  • Uses comprehensive security & compliance controls

How we can help you

AWS builds a highly secure, resilient, high-performing, robust, and efficient infrastructure for business applications. It prevents, detects, responds, and remediates the infrastructure from any security threats. Top Tech Consulting, with its expert team, execute this infrastructure building and maintain the innovative services that can help simplify and consolidate the overall business model.

8. Support – Administration, troubleshooting, and optimization

AWS support provides expert assistance and guidance to help businesses achieve their objectives. Support services of AWS is a compelling mix of tools & technology, programs, and services to support and help organizations perform well proactively. It also includes reducing costs, faster innovation, and deep optimization. The self-troubleshooting feature is very comprehensive and can solve the majority of the problems. The AWS administration is also empowered to tackle all kinds of problems in the most efficient manner to help businesses function smoothly and achieve desired goals.


  • Rapid movement with AWS
  • Automates environment management
  • Encourages on focusing on core issues
  • Manages and alleviates risks
  • Business infrastructure goes into hands-on, highly trained engineers.
  • A huge network of subject-matter specialists

How we can help you

Top Tech Consulting helps businesses mover rapidly to cloud and lets them focus on the core business features. This not only saves time but also improved efficiency. We are committed to making cloud journeys of our customers successful. We focus on solving the most complicated problems and finding out a fix to help businesses flourish. Our best in class methodologies and solutions have aided many enterprises and given them great results.

9. Infrastructure management

AWS Infrastructure Management is a structured methodology for enterprises that helps in planning & executing large-scale objectives conducting an event, organizing product or app launches, infrastructure migrations, or other and marketing events. AWS Infrastructure Management helps in shaping up tasks and strategies to streamline workload at enterprises.


  • Ensures scalability in the business model
  • Reduces risk across IT operations
  • Acceleration business progress
  • Enhances overall performance
  • Creates a confident approach to planning
  • Cost-effective

How we can help you

Top Tech Consulting has a competent team of experts who are highly focused and provide real-time architectural and operational engagement to support the planning and deployment of IT operations. Our technical team first understands the criteria of success for the enterprise and analyze the desired outcomes.

After that, the readiness of the AWS environment is assessed, identify and alleviate associated risks, document a plan. Once this is done, operation execution begins, and our experts take care of the end-to-end deployment. Infrastructure management also provides AWS guidance & support to experience a hassle-free execution. AWS Infrastructure Management service adds great value to the enterprises and plays an important role in the success of any enterprise.

10. Storage and database 

AWS offers a gamut of cloud services for storing, accessing, governing, and analyzing data. This huge range of storage services includes Object storage, File storage, Block Storage, Backup, Data transfer & Edge computing. All these storage facilities build a strong foundation for your IT enterprise environment.

  1. Object storage
    1. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  2. File storage
    1. Amazon Elastic File System
    2. Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
    3. Amazon FSx for Lustre
  3. Block storage
    1. Amazon Elastic Block Store
  4. Backup
    1. AWS Backup
    2. Data transfer & Edge computing
    3. AWS Storage Gateway
    4. AWS DataSync
    5. AWS Transfer Family
    6. AWS Snowball
    7. AWS Snowmobile


  • Reduces costs
  • Increases agility
  • Accelerates innovation
  • Reliable, scalable, and secure storage place

How we can help you

We at Top Tech Consulting are helping companies in becoming strong, successful & profitable with the support of AWS services. Storage plays an important role in any organization. Through AWS Storage services, we are providing enterprises with a reliable and resourceful place where all the data and information can be kept safely. We ensure proper migration of infrastructure along with other end-to-end services.