Azure is a cloud-computing service offering by Microsoft that is used to powerfully build, test, deploy and manage services and applications with the help of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Top Tech Consultation helps clients to unlock the powers of Microsoft Azure to benefit organizations.

Benefits of Azure Managed Services

  • Reliable & Scalable infrastructures
  • Optimizes costs & expenses
  • Minimized administration efforts
  • Transparency within services
  • Greater visibility & better governance

How we can help

  • Offer full integration of all Azure services
  • Azure services optimization & configuration
  • Lowered Azure administrative costs
  • Continuous support, monitoring & troubleshooting services
  • Cybersecurity services

1. DevOps

To continuously add value to customers, DevOps provides a fine unification of people, processes & technology. For Organizations, DevOps coordinates and collaborates functionalities of IT operations, development, security & quality engineering for generating higher production and reliability in products.


By incorporating DevOps culture along with DevOps tools and practices, the business can certainly earn many benefits:

  • Better response to customer needs
  • Increased application development confidence
  • Higher performance & customer satisfaction
  • Rapid achievement of business goals
  • Keeping the same pace as the market 
  • Staying ahead of competitors
  • Conserving system stability & reliability

How we can help

Top Tech Consulting helps enterprises flow through the lifecycle phases – Planning, Developing, Delivering, and Operating to ensure Collaboration, Workflow, Security & Compliance, and continuous improvement. This methodology has transformed enterprises big time through the building, deploying & operating processes. We allow companies to improve their services and customer satisfaction through our services. 

2. Integration

To connect applications and services in the cloud as well as on-premises, Microsoft Azure comes with integrated solutions. This task involves connecting several independent systems through complex ways. Azure integration service executes this procedure smoothly through its robust tools like API management, Service Bus, Logic Applications, and Event Grid.


The Azure powerful integration solutions have the following advantages:

  • Puts together all the business workflows
  • Enhances Consistency
  • Enhances Consistency

How we can help

Top Tech Consulting works to create opportunities for new enterprise models through Azure Integration by exposing the Business Application Programming Interface. Our experienced team is cognizant of all the technicalities involved in this service and provides complete assistance in integrating the solutions to increase business efficiency and ROI. We also offer ServiceNow integration solutions to help businesses cope up with continuous market demands and competition. To know more about integration with ServiceNow, you can check our ServiceNow vertical.

3. Migration

Looking at the number of complexities increasing in IT organizations, moving on-premises data, applications, and infrastructure to the Azure platform through a full-proof cloud plan has become the need of the hour. Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud platform that also includes cloud migration tools to set-up a new environment for its customers. The new Azure Migrate integrated experience lets its users access to Microsoft and ISV tools. This helps to find out the most suitable tool for your particular migration scenario.


  • Smooth migration & integration to cloud irrespective of the scale
  • End-to-end progress tracking service
  • Guided experience for the majority of migration scenarios
  • Feature-based grouping and choosing of Microsoft & partner tools for standard phases of the migration process (discovery, assessment & migration)
  • Cost-effective

How we can help

Top Tech Consulting helps its clients in simplifying and guiding throughout the process of migrating on-premises data and applications to the Azure cloud and integrating it in the most effective manner. Our technical team and experience streamline the complete migration and integration journey. 

4. Storage 

Azure storage is a great solution for storage issues in today’s time. Azure offers several storage services for data objects, disk storage for AVMs, a messaging store for trustworthy messaging, a file system service for the cloud.

  1. These services include
    1. Durable & disposal
    2. Scalable
    3. Managed
    4. Accessible
    5. Secure
  2. Azure offers the following core storage data services
    1. Azure Blobs
    2. Azure Files
    3. Azure Queues
    4. Azure Tables
    5. Azure Disks


  • Fast storage platform
  • Secured & reliable data storage
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increased business agility

How we can help

Top Tech Consulting serves all sizes of businesses with a full-proof system of migrating core enterprise applications to the Microsoft Azure platform. This will not just increase the business efficiency but also secure all data from any breaches. This centralized storage of data will also speed up IT operations and process cycles.

5. Security

Top Tech Consulting helps businesses strengthen their security posture through Microsoft Azure. This is a multi-layered cloud security platform that is built with customized hardware and added protective layers to safeguard against severe threats like DDoS. Microsoft Azure shields all business data and assets through its physical data centers, operations, and infrastructure.



  • Reduced costs
  • Highly secure cloud foundation
  • Protection against threats
  • Reduced complexity
  • Simplified Security through built-in controls
  • Early threat detection with unique intelligence

How we can help

Cybersecurity experts at Top Tech Consulting provide a smooth integration of this multi-layered security service, which has built-in security controls and peculiar threat intelligence systems to help identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

6. Web & Mobile

Microsoft Azure provides business solutions by developing intelligent & engaging mobile and web applications. Azure app service, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that comprises of a single development & deployment framework for web, mobile, API, and Logic apps. This service allows the rapid connection of these apps to any Software as a Service (SaaS) or enterprise system and unlocks the data.


  • The rapid development of mobile & app with Azure App Service
  • Expedite the development of a mobile strategy for your Enterprise through mobile apps
  • Enhance global presence by running enterprise-grade web apps on the Azure platform
  • Enrich customer experience with a complete set of tailor cross-platform Push notifications
  • Enables BizTalk services for web, mobile, and other integrated business scenarios.

How we can help

We at Top Tech Consulting assist you throughout the development to deployment process of mobile and web app building. This development helps in setting up strategies for enterprises as per the changing market demands and for staying ahead of competitors. Our professional team provides end-to-end service to nurture enterprise models. Top Tech Consulting accelerates the mobile & web hosting process through secure, scalable, and reliable solutions. This deployment allows automation in business processes and fosters unlocking & integration of data across the cloud.  

7. Networking

Microsoft Azure networking service is built on one of the largest fiber network backbones. It allows cloud and enterprise infrastructure & services to connect for providing the best possible customer and user experience. Top Tech Consulting supports hybrid or all-in cloud strategies of enterprises through networking services.


  • Secured connectivity
  • Highly reliable performance on a global network
  • Application & Infrastructure security
  • Intelligent monitoring of resources
  • Reliability in building private connections

How we can help

Top Tech Consulting helps enterprises to build a reliable network in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure being a certified compliance service, secures all applications, data, and infrastructure in its environment. We provide end-to-end assistance to move data on the Azure platform. We also help you in determining the effectiveness of your applications and resources by creating a monitoring strategy through Azure. We can also help you add connectivity services to your cloud resources to extend facilities in your existing network.

8. Analytics

Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service by Microsoft that gives powerful insights. This service brings together two significant elements: data warehousing and big data analytics. With this service, users can query data through either serverless on-demand or provisioned resources. This unified experience helps to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data for instantaneous Business Intelligence and Machine Learning requirements.


  • Experience Limitless scale and put a query on data at your terms
  • Derive powerful insights across your most important enterprise data
  • Utilize the power of a unified analytics experience
  • Protect data with unparallel Security & privacy

How we can help

Top Tech Consulting helps enterprises in incorporating Analytics feature of Azure. This integration helps companies enhance their processes with the following capabilities:

  • Business data warehousing
  • Strong integration of Apache Spark & SQL engines
  • Data Lake exploration
  • Streaming ingestion & analytics
  • Language Choice
  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence
  • Code-free data orchestration
  • Industry-leading management & security

9. IoT 

Azure IoT Hub is a Managed Service by Microsoft which allows bi-directional communication between Azure and IoT devices. This is possible with the backend cloud-hosted solution provided by Azure IoT Hub to connect any device. This form of communication between IoT applications and the managed devices is highly secure and reliable.


  • Establishes bi-directional communication with numerous IoT devices
  • Automating device provisioning to speed up IoT deployment
  • Extending the power of the cloud to edge devices

How we can help

We at Top Tech Consulting help you take through the entire process of building your IoT application with 2-way communication through Azure IoT services. Our expert team helps to integrate all the features of Azure IoT:

  • Building communication channel with enhanced Security (to send and receive data from IoT devices)
  • Built-in device management and giving provision for connecting & managing IoT devices at scale
  • Complete integration with Event Grid & serverless computation to simplify IoT app development
  • Compatibility with Azure IoT Edge (to build hybrid IoT applications)

10. AI & ML

Building Artificial Intelligence solutions with Azure Machine Learning is one of the powerful services of Microsoft Azure. Azure Machine Learning is a cloud platform to create and manage ML models.


Azure Artificial Intelligence offers the capability to emulate human intelligence in your software. With the help of AI and MI, machines can analyze images, conduct natural interactions, comprehend speech, and make meaningful predictions. This combination of powers can only be done through Azure. It empowers its clients with:

  • Decades of hard work and research
  • Microsoft AI & MI technology
  • Security with comprehensive compliance

How we can help

Top Tech Consulting helps businesses to deploy Artificial Intelligence in reality. To provide a bedrock for AI solutions, we assist in providing methods to build a cloud-scale machine learning service on the existing data science skills. Apart from building responsible AI and ML solutions to boost productivity in enterprises, we also look after end-to-end deployment cycles to integrate Azure AI & ML services.

11. Support

Microsoft Azure also has a comprehensive support system that is committed to meeting the client’s needs, whether you are in the initiation stage or at the stage of deployment process on Azure. The Azure expert team supports administration, troubleshooting & optimization of business-critical workloads. They help to develop & deploy Azure solutions meticulously for accelerating your cloud journey. 
As you progress building your enterprise solution, self-help, troubleshooting, and Optimization will be required. These tools are built into the Azure portal and are provided with full guidance to resolve issues right away.

  • Azure flexible support options that can connect you directly to the Microsoft Technical Administration. They will provide you with the best level of expertise for your requirement. 
  • Troubleshooting solution is already included in Azure services. 
  • Once you have established your solutions, now is the time for Optimization. The Azure Advisor provides personalized, proactive, actionable recommendations according to the best practices to further optimize your environment. These suggestions could be about how to enhance availability, Security, performance, or cost-effectiveness across your Azure resources.  

The technical expert team at Top Tech Consulting provides in-depth assistance to achieve your mission through critical business applications. It guides you to get the right level of Azure technical support and tells you about which Azure support plan can best help you and how to incorporate all the suggestions. With the help of the technical team at Top Tech Solutions and Azure, we will help you align your business model and focus on the outcomes.

12. Consulting

Right from requirement analysis and planning to Azure deployment, at Top Tech, We help you transition to a cloud-agnostic enterprise environment. Being a Microsoft Gold certified partner enables us to cater to a multitude of business and technical needs, which results in elevated customer experiences.

We help build long-term IT roadmaps and envision your business growth with impactful Azure implementations using your cloud architecture through modern technology solutions for Azure PaaS, mobile, analytics, and IoT.

Our Azure Cloud consulting framework helps verify and validate your Enterprise’s,

  • Infrastructure readiness
  • Core architecture and migration roadmaps
  • Enterprise mobility strategy with Azure IoT, mobility and cloud PaaS to synchronize real-time data with cloud storage
  • Microsoft Azure cloud services based workflow automation.
  • Engagement model with customers
  • Optimization & configuration of Azure-related services & operations
  • Products and services transformations
  • Workspace transformations
  • Azure integration to an on-premise cloud environment
  • Change support for Azure-based application enhancements
  • Cost-optimization for Azure Service-related workflows
  • KPI management

The areas we focus on include:

  • Azure Compute
  • Azure Containers
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Integration
  • Azure Migration
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Database
  • Azure Analytics
  • Azure AI + Machine Learning
  • Azure Internet of Things
  • Azure Networking
  • Azure Security
  • Azure Identity Management 
  • Azure Web
  • Azure Mobile
  • Azure Management and Governance

Are you ready to collaborate with an experienced managed services provider to leverage your Azure environment & keep your applications and services highly available? Call us today!