Enable organizations to optimize and automate employee-centric processes. From the initial onboarding and offboarding procedures to managing leaves and handling service requests, ServiceNow offers a comprehensive platform that enhances employee experiences and boosts productivity. Simplify HR processes and enhance workforce efficiency using ServiceNow's Employee Workflows.

Employee Experience Features

Drive employee engagement through multiple channels and provide proactive service, all while reducing service costs. Strengthen collaboration across teams by automating service processes that enhance employee productivity.

  • Case Management
  • Omni Channel (email, portal, phone, Virtual Agent
  • Case Escalation
  • Employee Center Portal
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Advanced Work Assignment
  • Performance Analytics

Modernize HR Service Delivery

Top Tech HRSD Solution enhances employee satisfaction through seamless connectivity to the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery platform. Our expertise lies in streamlining, managing, and tracking HR services, prioritizing an employee-centric approach with intuitive workflows. We can assist your HR team in maximizing the productivity of the hybrid workforce by implementing user-friendly self-service workflows and ensuring positive employee experiences.

Key Benefits:

Visibility to HR End to End Processes

Gain effortless visibility into employee requests, process metrics monitoring, and real-time analysis of performance data. Obtain a holistic perspective of all HR processes, enabling effective identification of bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and potential areas for enhancing employee satisfaction. With enhanced visibility into demand and response times, data-driven decision-making becomes the foundation for allocating staff resources.

Enable self-service capabilities through an engaging system

By offering self-service options to employees, the workload on HR staff is reduced, allowing them to dedicate their time to strategic initiatives. Self-service not only results in quicker resolution times and improved consistency but also enhances overall employee satisfaction. A self-service portal has the potential to evolve into an engaging platform that targets specific employee segments with news and campaigns, fostering a positive company culture.

Optimized Workplace Service Delivery

Revolutionize the employee experience with an efficient and user-friendly platform designed to manage workplace services seamlessly. Whether it's handling facilities requests or making office reservations, boost productivity and satisfaction by leveraging Top Tech's Workplace Service Delivery solution.

Key Benefits:

Optimize the utilization and safety of your space

Leverage analytics to gain valuable insights into employee utilization patterns. Streamline processes for creating reservations, accessing maps, registering visitors, and requesting services, making it easier and more efficient for employees.

Enhance navigation for employees and visitors

Offer comprehensive maps and wayfinding tools that enable smooth navigation and facilitate seamless collaboration among colleagues. Additionally, empower employees to reserve workspaces and request services through a convenient mobile-friendly solution.

Legal Operations Transformation

Mitigate legal risks and enhance operational efficiency with Legal Operations Transformation. Move beyond traditional email inboxes and embrace efficient transactional processes. Standardize and streamline your workflows, enabling you to save valuable time and make well-informed legal decisions.

Key Benefits:

Automation of routine transactions

By automating tasks such as contract drafting, approval coordination, and renewal reminders, you can optimize your workforce to focus on more valuable activities like delivering legal counsel and strategic planning. Automation not only enhances efficiency but also improves accuracy, minimizes errors, and ensures compliance, thus mitigating legal and financial risks for your organization.

Process standardization

Numerous legal departments lack the necessary visibility to identify areas for process improvement. By centralizing request intake and management within a single platform, you gain valuable insights into demand patterns and identify opportunities for streamlining. Real-time reporting and dashboards provide you with actionable insights into cycle times, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and continually enhance your processes.