Customer Overview

The customer is a biopharmaceutical company based in Germany. They faced challenges in effectively managing their portfolio of strategic projects, including a lack of visibility, inefficient processes, and limited collaboration. These challenges hindered their ability to prioritize projects, allocate resources, and make informed strategic decisions.

Why this implementation was significant for the customer?

Top Tech Solutions implemented the ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) suite of applications

  1. Ideation: The Ideation module enabled the company to capture ideas from various stakeholders, providing a centralized platform for ideation and innovation. This module facilitated collaboration and ensured that all valuable ideas were considered for project inclusion.

  2. Demand Management: The Demand Management module provided a structured approach for project requests and evaluation. It streamlined the project intake process, ensuring consistent evaluation criteria, and aligning project requests with strategic goals. This enabled the company to prioritize and select the most valuable projects for implementation.

  3. Agile Development 2.0: The Agile Development 2.0 module facilitated agile project execution, providing tools for project planning, backlog management, and sprint tracking. This module enhanced project visibility, promoted collaboration, and enabled agile teams to deliver projects with greater efficiency and transparency.

  4. Test Framework: The Test Framework module enabled standardized and automated testing processes. It provided a framework for test planning, execution, and defect tracking, ensuring quality control and reducing the risk of project delays or failures.

  5. Time Card Management: The Time Card Management module allowed project resources to log their effort and track time spent on various tasks. This module facilitated accurate resource allocation, improved project tracking, and enabled better decision-making regarding resource utilization.

Details of the applications/modules implemented

The implementation of the ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management solution resulted in significant benefits for the customer:

  1. Improved Project Prioritization: The company experienced a 20% increase in project prioritization accuracy. The standardized demand management process allowed for better evaluation and selection of projects aligned with strategic goals, ensuring optimal resource allocation and maximizing project value.

  2. Enhanced Collaboration and Visibility: The implementation led to a 30% improvement in collaboration among project teams. The centralized platform enabled better communication, increased transparency, and improved alignment across teams, fostering cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  3. Increased Project Delivery Efficiency: The Agile Development 2.0 module contributed to a 25% improvement in project delivery efficiency. The streamlined agile processes, backlog management, and sprint tracking facilitated faster and more efficient project execution, reducing time to market and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  4. Enhanced Resource Utilization: The Time Card Management module resulted in a 15% increase in resource utilization efficiency. Accurate time tracking allowed for better resource allocation, ensuring optimal utilization and reducing project bottlenecks caused by resource constraints.


The ServiceNow SPM solution empowered the customer to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and align projects with strategic objectives, ultimately driving organizational growth and success.