Customer Overview

Top Tech Solution successfully implemented the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) solution for a highly diversified global multinational corporation (MNC) operating in retail, oil and gas, and other sectors. The customer faced challenges in their HR service delivery, including inefficient processes, fragmented HR systems, and a lack of self-service options.

Why this implementation was important for the customer?

The implementation of the ServiceNow HRSD solution was crucial for the customer due to the following reasons:

  1. Streamlined HR Processes: The customer aimed to automate and streamline HR processes to improve operational efficiency and reduce errors. This would enable HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and talent management.

  2. Unified HR Platform: The customer desired a centralized and integrated HR platform to eliminate data inconsistencies, streamline reporting, and enable better decision-making. A unified platform would provide accurate and real-time insights.

  3. Empowered Self-Service: Implementing HRSD would empower employees with self-service capabilities, reducing dependency on HR personnel for routine tasks and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Benefits perceived

The implementation of ServiceNow HRSD solution resulted in significant benefits for the customer:

  1. Streamlined HR Operations: Automation and streamlining of HR processes improved operational efficiency and reduced errors. HR teams could focus on strategic initiatives and talent management.

  2. Unified HR Platform: The centralized platform eliminated data inconsistencies, streamlined reporting, and enabled better decision-making. Real-time insights empowered HR leaders.

  3. Enhanced Employee Experience: Self-service capabilities empowered employees to access HR services independently, reducing reliance on HR personnel and enhancing employee satisfaction.


The successful implementation of ServiceNow HRSD solution by Top Tech Solution revolutionized HR service delivery for the global MNC. Streamlined processes, a unified platform, and self-service capabilities empowered HR teams and employees. The customer experienced improved efficiency, enhanced data integrity, and increased employee satisfaction. Through this partnership, the customer transformed their HR operations and delivered exceptional employee experiences across their global organization.